Friday, May 8, 2009

she has found her voice..

i am afraid to say it, but i think miley is going to be a 'talker' like her big sister. she has found that sweet voice of hers and now is constantly growling or squealing. i was changing her diaper just now and she was 'talking' the whole time.. sweet girl. when i put her to bed, she does this until she falls asleep and then will do this when she wakes up. it is her way of passing the time:) ella kate gets a little frustrated when she is trying to talk or watch something and miley is being "too loud", but hey.. as loud as it can be at times, we will gladly take this over any crying!!
she also is on the verge of crawling. i need to catch a video clip of her on her knees rocking back and forth.. here are some pics of her attempts:)

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